Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Check out my New Website

I have started a new website -well....I found the other one was down!
As I am hoping to sell my wares at Fibre East I thought it best to get a new one out there.
I'd be grateful if you'd take a look periodically, especially in this set up period, so you can give me an opinion as to how it looks and whether it downloads at a reasonable pace. People don't like waiting too long.
Of course, I have had to have new cards printed and decided to co-ordinate the two with the photo above. Bright colours - that's me.
Why not pay 'The Event of the Year' a visit, next month - 26th-27th July.   www.fibre-east.co.uk

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on your new website! It's great that you were finally able to get it live. I liked that it's well-designed and looks really attractive. I noticed that you haven't set up social media accounts yet. I say this, because they can be useful tools in letting people know about your website, or even as an alternative means of showing your work. Good luck with your website, and let's see if it translates into earnings for you!

    Brenda Harvey @ SMRT Marketing