Sunday, 20 March 2011

Can't wait to get on

I have started weaving in ernest for Living Crafts at Hatfield House in May.
My inspiration is colour and although I am always looking for new combinations some sell better than others. Red is one of my favourites, bright and cheerful but not too in your face. Rainbows seem to be popular with most people.
The shawls that I can't wait to get on with are these. The warp has been spaced dyed in 'rainbow' colours. I've not included yellow because it is not popular and affects designs, not for the better, if used in the wrong proportions.

I will be weaving the first length with the navy included in the stripes. The next may well be woven with blue. I have dyed the yarn but have been known to change my mind when it comes to weaving!!!!
These two, nearly finished shawls, use my handspun yarn to accentuate the weave and that is why this weave is one of my most favourite. The fringes have yet to be twisted, that is a job for evenings infront of the tele, and they have not been wet finished yet.