Monday, 29 December 2014

Blending Project

I enjoy spinning for relaxation. I usually have a better night's sleep after an evening spent at my wheel. So, before Christmas I, for once, had the forsight to order some fibre for a post Christmas project.
At the last Bedfordshire Guild meeting of 2014 another member, Anna, was knitting exactly the kind of knitting project I had in mind for the results of my colour blended merino tops. She was however knitting with bought yarn which she had carefully chosen to blend/graduate the yarn colours as she knitted. Anna also pointed me to a knitting pattern to be bought on Ravelry that would be just right for the yarn I hoped to create.
I chose the above mixed tops, merino and silk for my colour inspiration and bought tops in the colours that World of Wool had used. I hope to be more adventurous, using my own colour choices, in subsequent projects!
I am creating blended batts which graduate light to dark and have spun the first, lightest, combination already and I'm half was to the second.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of this in batt form!!!!! Hope to 'do better' next time! I was so keen to get on with the project!!!!!