Monday, 29 April 2013

4 in a bed and the little one said...

Last week I realised that 'our' blackbirds had laid eggs again, but oh dear, only 1metre from the ground and without any cover from the hedgeing plants.
When the parents were away I inspected the nest to find 4 beautiful eggs.
Would our cat or any other garden visitor see them?

I watched him, several times, sitting in the sun, watching the adult birds collect food but he made no attempt to chase them. I was very hopeful.

Today, I took a chance, when I saw that the adults were not in the garden, and went up to the nest - four beautiful chicks, all having an afternoon nap - jealousy set in........ I am working hard getting 'supplies ready to sell at Hatfield House, Living Crafts.
Here they are:-

How cute are they?