Sunday, 10 August 2014

Turkish spindles

I was going to buy a small turkish spindle at Fibre East but didn't get time to go back to the stall. I was disappointed, then........
I came across a lolly stick, in the kitchen, waiting to
be thrown away or 'loved'. I had an idea!

I ate another chocolate coated ice cream. Well I HAD to. My idea wouldn't work if I hadn't.

I found an old paint brush, previously used for glue and left unwashed and some metal washers for weights. Then I set to making my own spindle.
I marked and drilled a hole in the centre of each lolly stick - can you guess which brand? -  glued a washer on each end of both, cut the metal from the paint brush and gave the shaft a clean up.
Surprise, surprise, when the three parts were put together, it spun like a dream.

When I had spun a fair trial amount I decided to remove the ball of singles - this is where I had a problem - the outside edge of the 'wings' were wider than the centre and it was difficult to get the yarn off! Not to be daunted, I mused a while and decided to add something to the centre of my spindle to make it wider than the ends of the wings. My dear hubby came to the rescue with a large metal washer with a small hole!

Voila! The spindle weighs 17g and my first skein, spun from wool solar dyed with buddleia flowers, 13g.
Next problem - there were three in the pack of icecreams - do I buy another packet so I am able to make 2 more spindles? I must have 2 friends who just can't live without one of these minature spindles!