Tuesday, 13 September 2016


Results of Rep Course

Boy, What a great course! Rosalie Neilson - A great and generous tutor!
It was a busy 3 days, challenging and inspiring.
The motifs in the collage are some of those I have woven already.
The weave structure seems complicated at first and planning the warp means you have to get your mathematicians head on. With 128 possible design motifs to choose from the choice was difficult. Do I repeat a few and make a pattern or try as many as possible for the experience? I chose the later and the resulting length will make a great table runner.
I managed 76" in three days, eight motifs with a small motif repeated between each one, and plan to weave a couple more motifs to make it the length of our dining table.
Rosalie gave us booklets made up of some pages from her book to be published soon ('An Exaltation of Blocks') and took us through designing and creating all the 4 block design possibilities using binary. In the book will be printed design pages and transparent overlays to allow weavers to explore block designs. Those of us on the course had 8 shaft looms and could only work with 4 block designs. Weavers with 16 or more shafts and the appropriate number of treadles will discover infinite design possibilities.