Sunday, 29 March 2009

Testing Templates

I have recently been very interested in kinetic card ideas. Today I have been working on a template for a 'twister' card. I have created templates for 13 x 13cm and 13 x 18cm cards and their envelopes. The panel in the middle turns as the card is opened to reveal another decoration or message on the back of the square.
Such things can be expensive and not always as adaptable as one would want so I like to tax my brain to come up with my own which can be printed as many times as neccesary. The above card is my first 13 x 13, not very well executed. Even though I dusted the card embossing powder stuck in unwanted places.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Personnalise your HB's

I have long marked my scissors when going to a workshop, so many have those recognisable yellow handles! and this leads to confusion. I usually make a cord and tassle with the leftover silk warp thread from my weaving - crafters never waste a thing!
Inspired by decorated pencils that I had bought for a school stationary shop, that I ran years ago,and having many pieces of decorative paper scraps, I decided to personnalise my HB pencils. I often print CD backing paper designs on A4 matte sticky labels (when I can get them cheaply)to save time when making cards , so some of them have been used to cover the pencils you see. They still sharpen well. If you have no sticky labels then use glue on your paper, but give it plenty of time to dry before attempting to sharpen.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Creating Every Day

I do like to make something, be creative each day whenever possible. I definately feel better for it.
I don't do a great deal of knitting - carpal tunnel syndrome - but bamboo needles have helped me to produce more frequently. I rarely use a pattern. Spinning the yarn I use myself I have to create or adapt patterns to suit my yarns. I finished the green neck tie yesterday and I'm pleased to say it matches the jumper with a v neck that it is primarily intended for very well. I did use a pattern from a friends book but have thought of ways to adapt it if I make more in the future.
It may look a little flat because I scanned it rather than taking a picture with my camera. The yarn is my own hand dyed, hand spun silk and it is really soft and cosy to wear. I am pleased with the result.

Monday, 16 March 2009

How do you show wares for sale to best advantage?

I've been taking photos of my newest woven wares but it's difficult to know how to arrange them. I usually drape them on a flat surface, as most of my scarves are done, or around a manequin or should it be ladyquin? This way I think people can see the draping quality of the fabric but would people rather see them flat?

Todays picture is of a red hand dyed silk shawl,about 2m 30 long and 27inches wide. I can make two of these in a week. No two are alike and the price is up to £200 each.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Another Job Done

The sun was shining earlier and so I took the opportunity to update my website photographs. Until I checked I didn't realise just how much weaving I'd done without adding or changing the photos on my website. Most of the new photos are added now, either to the website or in my Flickr album linked to it. The next sunny day will see further changes!

Get a little Movement

I'm not too sure whether I like waterfall cards or not but a bit of movement can add something to a card, so I am playing with some ideas. This card took some time to work out and it needs more practice to be neat first time. There is a pleat in the front of the card so that the central decoration spins when the card is opened. I have used those daisies again. I have printed and embossed onto pearlescent card. They and the backing paper design, from 'Butterfly Bliss' CD are both from Graphicus.
The sun is shining so I think I'll be spending time in the garden this afternoon.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Graphicus March Challenge

I love yellow but it is one of the most difficult colours to work with or wear. It so dominates other colours when used in any quantity, but it reminds one of spring, growth and new beginnings - something to cheer us after the winter. I have used a Butterfly Bliss CD backing paper and two of my recent Cuttlebug purchases. Butterflies, flowers and the sight of wild creatures and birds in my garden certainly make me want to sing. I'm not sure that I have done justice to the colour or the challenge - to use yellow and the theme sing.I do seem lacking in inspiration at the moment but managed to use items I have already in my collection.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Elephants never forget

I'm not sure whether I've spoken about the special thing that happened to me last summer...I have been researching my family tree for some years now, slowly but surely, and for most of that time I have been looking for two of my cousins, sons of my Uncle who is now 96. There was a fair chance that they were no longer with us but I had to know. I hade met the two older boys who seemed to me very boisterous as a small child when my grandmother visited their home in Stockton. That is the area I had been searching, to no availe. Last summer before a research trip to my home town in Northumberland, I quizzed my uncle about his wife's family, parents, brothers and sisters and put the information on my family tree on Genes Reuinited, just a week before my holiday. Within a day I had a link and very soon addresses for one of the boys and his daughter. Unfortunately, John, the older brother had died. Anyway, I met my cousin now 71, who had moved to Newcastle, along with his family. They were pleased and surprised to know that my uncle was still alive and wanted to meet him. Our holiday was cut short so we could return three weeks later to reunite father and son. A very happy meeting because they all got along well and the reason for their estrangement wasn't a hinderance. We have kept in touch regularly ever since. But Oh!! to my horror I forgot my cousin's birthday yesterday, the first chance I have ever had to send him a card!
Above is the card I made for him this morning.