Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Warped at Last

Sett Up and Ready to Go

     In September I am going to a weaving workshop in Devon, organised by the Devon Weaver's Workshop. I am really looking forward because I have wanted to use this weave for some years but could never be quite confident that I could get my head round the structure all by myself. I have owned a book 'Rep Weave and Beyond' by Joanne Tallarovic since 2004/5
As luck would have it I secured a place on this workshop, led by Rosalie Neilson, a great 'expert' on the weave. www.rosalieneilson.com

     It has taken longer than I expected to warp up my table loom but hopefully all is well.
It can't be bad a weaving workshop and extra days spent in Devon.

    I wove this sampler when I was at another summer school with the Association of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. That workshop was organised as a 'round robin' so we got to try several different weave structures and make small samples of each.

REPP WEAVE is warp faced block weave based on the Swedish ripsmatta - 'repp mat' of which little had been published in English until the mid 1980's. At first yarns for this weren't very exciting, thick string or cotton roving but now there are yarns in many interesting colours and the weave is being used for more than rugs, towels, table mats, wall hangings and even clothing.
'The technique has been known in various cultures since early times. Excavations in Peru and Egypt have unearthed fragments dating back to the fourth century. Asians, for centuries, have used remnants as camel girths. Today in Central Asia, long, narrow, colourful bands are use to bind together sections of framework for yurts covered with felted wool.' 'Rep Weave and Beyond'