Thursday, 29 December 2011

A liitle wish come true

My hubby and I always visit the elephants when we go to Whipsnade Zoo, we have an annual pass. We saw the latest baby within 16 hours of it being born.
For some time I have envied the visitors who get to work with the animals for a day and mentioned to a new friend that I'd like a day with the elephants.
Just before Christmas she invited Dick and I to go to Woburn Park with her and have lunch with her hubby who works there. We ended up giving one elephant her mid afternoon treat and getting up real close to her because Jo's - the new friend - husband is and elephant keeper at Woburn.
The elephants were brought into an enclosure to give visitors an up close view and one of the females walked around the perimeter, happy to let all of the visitors give her a stroke or pat. After other visitors had gone we were allowed into the enclosure and each fed her a banana. We were surprised at the texture of her skin and body hair, very rough and prickly, nothing there to collect for spinning!!!!!!