Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Blast from the past

Well, I have to say that the effort getting ready for Living Crafts was worthwhile and, even though the weather on Thursday and Friday wasn't great, people came to buy on Saturday and Sunday and I had one of my best shows.

Since then I have been getting ready for other demonstrations, but for these I have returned to working mainly with wool. On June 4th, myself and other members of the Bedfordshire Guild WSD were demonstrating at Wimpole Hall Home Farm where there was a sheep shearing course going on.

This weekend I am demonstrating at the East of England Show in their 'All About Wool' area alongside people I have never met before. Of course all of my display has to relate to wool.
For both of these I scrounged around in my work room and studio for every piece of woolen cloth and yarn that I still had stashed away. It seemed as though every nook and cranny that I investigated had something from the past including two lengths of woven cloth. What shall I do with them? Well! not many people make their own clothes any more and they were woven in a time when I sold fabric lengths at fairs and, more profit can be made from made up items. So I got the sewing machine out and produced three shawls. I also made three cushions. One of which is made from the extra length of fabric woven earlier this summer, for knee rugs, using British Yarn. You can see them in the photos.