Saturday, 30 May 2009

Graphicus May Challenge

I was so thrilled to win last month's challenge. My idea for it came very quickly but this month I was stumped. Mainly because I had no stamps that were obviously to do with the theme of travel. My interpretation may be a little far fetched but my favourite creatures, butterflies, spend most of their life travelling from place to place, plant to plant, so here is my entry. My first idea was for that of a flicker book, like a cartoon animation, a set of stills which put together portray a movement/journey from place to place.
The first picture is of the finished card, but of course you can't 'do' the flicking bit to see the progress of the butterfly from one side to the other. In an attempt to give you a better idea I have photographed all six pages in a line, in the hopes that if you scroll down at some speed and squinting at the picture, you will get the idea I'm trying to show! (Appologies for the shadows across the picture. It was breezy outside and with Georgian style windows there is nowhere indoors with light and clear space)


  1. Congratulations on last month's win and very well deserved it was too.

    Good luck with this one as well because it really is beautiful and such a clever idea again. I love the colours.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Oh Maggie, this is gorgeous - love your idea of the Butterfly travelling and creating the series of pages with the Butterfly moving along. Best of luck in the challenge.