Saturday, 31 July 2010

I love making books

This book was made at about the same time as that in 'Scraps of brown Paper'.
I had bought a notebook with a plastic cover to keep craft notes but the cover annoyed me and the corner broke off so I decided to make it more personnal and good to handle.
I cut and covered a large cardboard envelope to make a new cover for the notebook and then used a 3D card envelope/package that had been used to send me a book.
I brayered ink from a 'rainbow' ink pad onto pieces of brown paper that were to cover the cardboard glued them onto and around the cardboard. I added a card 'pocket' to the inside back of the cover so that the back cover of the notebook could be slotted in. This means that the outside cover, should it wear well, can be used again when the notebook is full.

I decorated the notebook and cover with my favourite wild flower rubber stamps from Graphicus. Today, I added butterflies to the decoration in 'honour' of the butterfly count sponsored by Marks and Spencer.
At the moment only cabbage white butterflies are visiting my garden and other years we have seen peacocks and tortoiseshells. I think that next year I will rear some from Worldwide Butterflies and hope to help increase the population.

I dyed some more wool roving yesterday. This time it was superwash merino and I made an effort to use new colour combinations.
Now, I have to think of interesting, exotic and decriptive names for the colourways with the hope that someone will be enticed into paying money for them!!! Any suggestions?


  1. What a superb notebook cover! You have been busy. We seem to get all our butterflies when the buddlea is out (Aug). Hope you are keeping well.

    Janet xx

  2. Wow, I love you recovered book, I love that wild meadow themeplate, it has to be one of Glenda's very best! Your wool looks gorgeous - lovely blends of colours there.

  3. your notebook/cover is gorgeous - really love your colours, and wild meadow stamps are one of my most-used sets, and the one I can always find
    youw wool colours are great, not much help with names, but the purple/green reminds me of a butterfly wing, and the lovely browny/orange of a desert