Wednesday, 2 September 2020

What a find!

Getting things in order!

Sorting and tidying craft materials and projects is always a chore but sometimes this can have a pleasing/surprising outcome.

I bought the above fibre, 80% merino/20% silk at Fibre East one of my favourite suppliers, John Arbon. But.... I had stashed it away and forgotten I had it!!!!!!!!

I often spin just for the sake/enjoyment of it but this yarn was intended as the weft in a hand woven scarf which was supposed to be one of my items for sale at 'Living Crafts' at Woburn Abby this May.
All events like this were cancelled because of 'C' virus and I've not spent time making items for sale. 

Instead my husband and I have filled our time catching up with chores around the garden (we have a big one!) which had been neglected for some time. Dick has made several quantities of victoria-plum jam. 
Now that the bramley apples are ready to be picked. I can make one of my lifelong favourites - blackberry and apple pie - combining them with the blackberries I have in the freezer, picked earlier this month.

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