Monday, 15 June 2009

Second hatching and a pairing

I happened to be awake a 6am this morning and decided to check out the cocoons. There was a damp patch on one, indicating that a moth was ready to hatch, so I decided to take the opportunity to photograph the emergence.
It took several minutes for the moth to push an opening in the softened cocoon. I'd forgotten that it would be upside down as it emerged.

At this point the head of the moth is inside a drop of the liquid used to soften the gum.

The 'bubble' is burst.
Is it male or female? Fingers crossed for the latter as the first moth to hatch was male.

Hurray! Female. Her abdomen is fat and distended with eggs. Now she has to expand her wings to enable her to waft pheromones to attract a mate.

The male is already aware of her presence - it's not my photography - he is vibrating his wings madly with excitement.

Joined in the act, resting with wings fully expanded.


  1. This is just so amazing and pretty special too. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Oh well, at least some good came of your rude awakening in the early hours Maggie. Your photos are great. Thanks for taking the time to do these posts because I'm finding them fascinating.

    Lesley Xx

  3. Hi Maggie, I just spend a lovely time reading your silk worm posts - thank you so much for sharing - I have really enjoyed reading about them. I hope you can show us some of the bright green silk cocoons when you have some - do you use that green silk in your weaving?