Saturday, 11 July 2009

Brother in law's Birthday Card

As we all know it is difficult to choose or make a card for a man, unless they have a hobby and you have the relevant stamps. Well for once I did and I made this card for my bro in law Bob's 65th birthday.
When we spoke to him on the day he was actually going to take one of his home tutored students on a fishing trip!
It's my birthday tomorrow and our youngest, Chris, has already given me this wonderful bunch of flowers. I guessed they were for my birthday, but no wishes came with them, so maybe not!
Chris himself was an early birthday present 29 years ago - his birthday is today!

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  1. I somehow missed this post Maggie. I think it's Mr Blogger being a pest because I've had quite a few nuisance things happening recently. For instance I've had a lot of difficulty posting comments on some blogs because the pages just wouldn't load so perhaps, I just didn't get notification of this one.

    I'm so glad I scrolled down to it though because this card and tag are beautiful. Even someone who isn't an angler would I am sure, appreciate them. Are the lovely background colours sponged on? and I love how you've built up the wild flowers and foliage to frame the little scene.

    Your flowers are gorgeous too. I love them even though you have to risk pollen stains. I never can bring myself to cut the stamens off. They are too big a part of the beauty of the Lily.

    I know this is very late but I hope you had a lovely birthday.

    Lesley Xx