Monday, 13 July 2009

Is it a shape changer?

Yesterday my car looked like this.
Today it looks like this!

Poor old MGB, a well loved car. It made me sad to part with it. I have enjoyed buzzing around in it and it was easy to find in carparks. At 34 years old 'she' is no longer reliable, has to hibernate for the winter to save her paintwork and is worryingly unreliable.


  1. Never mind, the new one shouldn't be that difficult to spot. I had a mini many years ago and loved tootling around in it.

    It used to make me laugh when we had a really bad winter with terrific amounts of snow and whilst newer, bigger cars were getting stuck my little mini kept going through the lot and the same happened when we had some quite deep flash floods after heavy rainfall.

    Lesley Xx

  2. I used to have an MGBGT and loved it to pieces - I could almost say literally - unfortunately A few years back I had a prang and the damage was just too much to do anything about it. Now I have a Beetle convertible, and it is brill and great fun to drive.
    Love Valx