Wednesday, 14 April 2010

In the Mean Time

A new warp for the loom, along with it's weft, can take several days in the planning, preparation, dyeing and spinning. So
I am keeping busy with another project.
Rainbows are loved by everyone it seems and scarves with rainbow coloured warps are no exception. I have trouble keeping one for myself! It's also a great way to use up small amounts of dyed yarn.
Is it BRIGHT or is it bright?

The weft colour I have chosen, for the first of three scarves on this warp, is bright red and it does look a little bright but I do quite like it - cheery.
The next will be woven with a navy and the third.... still to be decided.

Once the loom was threaded I remembered a tip given me by my orriginal weaving tutor, Mike Halsey.
Tension of the warp threads is important to the weaving process. Slack threads can be caught by the shuttle and cause faults in the woven pattern but with 24 or 32 threads in each inch it can be a trial to get them all the same tension.
When the warp is tied to the front apron, there are gaps in the groups of threads and these need to be closed before weaving the 'real' cloth begins. It can take inches of weaving to achieve this unless..... you weave 4 or 5 rows tabby with a thicker thread, without beating them in place.

Once these rows are pushed into place the gaps close and any slack warp threads are shown up. Small discrepencies may need no more attention, especially on a woollen warp, but larger areas can be seen easily and dealt with, as can be seen at the selvedges of this warp.


  1. This looks very good Maggie. Might just have to have one!

    Janet xx

  2. This looks beautiful Maggie, and thanks for the step by step too. I watched the recent series with Monty Don, where three people each week took a six week course learning a different craft, thatching, carpentry, glass leading, etc and there was also one on weaving, which I found fascinating. The patterns and variations you can create are just amazing, and I never realised how technical it all is. I admire your skill immensley. Judith x

  3. Such a happy warp, you must feel very cheerful as you weave! I love the red weft, it makes all the colours pop, and from my experience anything red seems to sell in a flash! I'll definately keep on dropping in to see all three scarves evolve.

  4. Not sure how my follower's 'gadget' missed this post Maggie but I've just enjoyed reading it. I find it all completely fascinating and am in awe of the beauty you create.

    Lesley Xx