Monday, 20 June 2016

Inspiration for Art Yarns

The next Saturday meeting of Bedfordshire Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers is scheduled on July 16th and the topic for the day is Spinning your own 'fancy' yarns.

With this in mind I ransacked my storage boxes to find commercial yarns, bought for inspiration as well as skeins produced at workshops over the years.

The skein of white, bottom right, and the yellow/green/orange above it, along with  the three coloured balls, second left, inspired my to spin the yarns top left of the first photo. The blue/green/brown one in the first photo is the remnants of yarn I used to knit a cosy winter 

Last year, a very generous lady, Monica, showed members of the Guild of Longdraw Spinners how she creates her 'beaded' merino wool necklaces. (Left)

The skein on the right was my attempt on the day. 
As well as making the slubby necklace yarn, we used a number of 'add ins', feathers, strips of sequins and locks of fleece.

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