Monday, 27 June 2016

The Next Steps

Winding on and Threading Sequence for Log Cabin

Warp wound on, still in the slots only, with just sufficient length to reach the front of your loom, begin to cut the loops in the threads and tie them, as you go, with a slip knot to prevent them being pulled out of the heddle.

Now, you need to concentrate!
Some threads have to be moved from the slots to the holes!
Here is a diagram showing where they should be moved to. If you click on it, it should get bigger!

You will notice that the warp colours alternate for a number of threads and then there are 2 of the same colour in the adjacent slot and hole. This reverses the colour sequence, so when you open a shed, i.e. lift your heddle up,  across your warp you will see stripes of one colour and then the other.
When you have completed one repeat, like the one in the diagram you warp will look similar to this next photo.
Work your way across the whole warp, tying your groups with a slip knot as before and check the sequence regularly.
When you are happy with the threading sequence, tie the left and right groups, with a single knot, to the front 'stick' or your warp. 

Then continue tying all groups.

Once they are all tied, check that the tension is equal all the way across your warp.
I find pulling the warp groups away from you helps to feel the tension of each group and get the tension equal. When you are happy, lightly tension again, going across the warp tying each group in a bow.
You are now ready to start weaving!
Wind two shuttles, one for each colour, preferably ones that are wider than your warp.

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