Saturday, 31 January 2009

Creative Every Day

I've had trouble with this post - maybe like Samson having my hair cut has sapped my strength, but here goes....
Creativity is good for the Soul.
Earlier this month, Glenda of Graphicus fame, brought to our attention a site advocating being creative in some way every day. the creativity may be cooking, writing, gardening, besides the more obvious art and craft activities. (You can find more information in Glenda's blog linked from the Graphicus website.
I have to say that whenever I review my day’s activities, I feel so much better when I have made progress with an ongoing project. Winter months and bad weather conditions seem to affect our mood in a negative way but being creatively involved reduces the effects. But then, I am probably preaching to the converted!
The box I began yesterday is finished - at least for now. I had wanted to add more dimension but the inspiration didn't come - maybe next time. I'm only too happy to keep trying.
After sanding the box for the second time to get rid of any roughness from the first spraying of glimmer mists, I covered the lid with paper to hide the printing. I printed a sheet from the 'Butterfly Bliss' CD then added my own decoration of GM's and screens. When this was dry I added stamped butterflies and dragonflies. Some of the butterflies were further embellished with gold embossing and H2Os. After a spray or two of gold glimmer I stuck my selected area on the lid. I stuck gold present tape around the edge of the lid and on top of that two widths of satin ribbon. the outside of the box base is sprayed with blue, green and purple GM and the inside with glimmer mist but that showed up the gluing and construction of the box, so I painted again with acrylic paint and when that was dry it got, the almost obligatory, gold glimmer spray. The edges of box and lid were 'polished' with gold wax.
Now the big decision - What shall I keep in it?


  1. What a beautiful box, it looks so delicate.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I hope your carving experiments go well. I haven't tried carving into vulcanised rubber myself, but I have heard that it is do-able with sharp tools and produces some great results. I shall pop by here often and see what you're up to.

  2. This box is absolutely stunning. The colours are so vivid and elegant. I love it!