Friday, 30 January 2009

Getting things orderly

I'm reorganising, perhaps another way of saying tidying, my workroom again. This morning I went out to get some folders to store my unmounted rubber stamps so that the ones I want to use are easier to find and they don't take up too much space. There's never enough storage space when you're a crafter! I got some at WHS, but it turns out not as many as I needed.
Sorting things out meant that I found a few 'goodies' long saved for the moment of inspiration to arrive. Amongst them was a turkish delight box, round and wooden, great...... another box to decorate and experiment with glimmer mists - the latest 'must have' if you belong to the Graphicus Guild.
The lid has some printing on it so that has to be covered andI decided to design a paper with my glimmer stencils and butterfly stamps. It seems a shame to completely cover the wood grain so I gave the box a light sand and sprayed with glimmer mists. The damp brings up the grain, making it rough again, so when it is dry I shall sand again and spray once more. An ongoing project - to be finished tomorrow. I will try to post the papers I created.

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