Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Look What I've Got

Well, sometimes we find unexpected things in our fridges - usually green mold! But look what I found today - hatched caterpillars.
To be fair, I knew the eggs were there and I was expecting to take them out of the fridge, sometime soon, where I had been keeping them until there were leaves on the oak tree - their favourite food. When I checked them today I realised that four caterpillars had already hatched. I have 5 now. Each of them is nearly 1/2 a centimeter long. Unfortunately the oak leaves are not ready so they are feeding on hawthorn which is a good substitute in the beginning.

These caterpillars of the Giant silkmoth grows very large have a green face and more interestingly, they spin a wonderful egg-shaped cocoon of BRIGHT GREEN SILK.

I have not raised this variety before so I will be photographing them regularly and look forward to the moths hatching later in the year.

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  1. How interesting. I'll look forward to the updates. This is a subject I know absolutely nothing about so it will be nice to learn something.