Saturday, 7 February 2009

Could this lead somewhere?

Today, I've played, scetched and played some more. Well, hubby is watching the sport! I have been saving rubber stamp offcuts for some time and today I had a go at using them, hence the simple printouts of ties, hearts, swirls and flowers. I'm quite pleased that I managed to carve a small heart inside a bigger one! I did go on to put them into a background paper but smudged it!!! so maybe I'll have another go tomorrow.
Having got interested in creating backing papers and being without funds to buy all I'd like I was sketching swirls for ages and cutting them out of transparencies to use as masks. If you cut carefully you can use the cut out shape and the 'stencil'.
The Valentine cards were made by printing direct cards some clip art, then I added embellishments, glitter, peel off lines and decoupaged hearts.
I really must go out for a walk tomorrow if the sun comes out again. Maybe visit nearby Whipsnade Zoo and take my camera.

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  1. Love the carvings! They are wonderful, hope you are enjoying using them.