Friday, 6 February 2009

Keeping busy

I've not been unproductive for the last few days but I have found inspiration difficult to come by. The consequence being I've not been too satisfied with my 'art work'. It took me nearly all afternoon to create one valentines card. Roses seem to be a theme at the moment but it is Valentines day soon! Yesterday I made some cards, perhaps to sell, using clip art from the internet which I enhanced with glitter, embossing and decoupage - but is that cheating?
Today I have finished spinning some silk that I started some time ago. Sometimes there are weeks between me dying the fibre to spinning it into a yarn. I'm happy with the result and when more undyed yarn comes form my supplier I shall be combining them both in a weaving project.
If the pictures look flat it's because I scanned both the card and the yarn. The silver heart and the rose are layed with pads but the weight of the scanner top has flattened them.

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