Wednesday, 11 February 2009

No Salt?

Thankfully I had just woken up before the bus crashed into the lamp post outside our house. The road looks clear but it was obviously icy. This road would normally have been salted! Does this mean that our council has run out of or is just low on salt? One of the passengers said that a car was spinning further up the road!
The scary thing is, it happened because the driver was pulling up to pick up school children who were standing just out of but to the right of the picture.


  1. Hi Maggie, Just read your comment on the chat group so hope this helps you out. Been meaning to visit again anyway.
    That's an interesting position the bus is in, but I think it's very widespread. My husband rang me just as he was getting to work to tell me to be very careful if I went out because he had passed 5 accidents on his way in. I'm not sure where you live but I'm in north Notts.


  2. Hi Maggie - like Lesley, tried to leave you a message to see if it worked - didn't! I find that this system can be very awkward, sometimes it works and others not..............anyhow, glad the bus missed both you and the kids, and like the colours in your weaving

  3. Hi Maggie, cool blog, love those rainbow silk scarves. Leaving this comment to see if it works.