Saturday, 21 March 2009

Creating Every Day

I do like to make something, be creative each day whenever possible. I definately feel better for it.
I don't do a great deal of knitting - carpal tunnel syndrome - but bamboo needles have helped me to produce more frequently. I rarely use a pattern. Spinning the yarn I use myself I have to create or adapt patterns to suit my yarns. I finished the green neck tie yesterday and I'm pleased to say it matches the jumper with a v neck that it is primarily intended for very well. I did use a pattern from a friends book but have thought of ways to adapt it if I make more in the future.
It may look a little flat because I scanned it rather than taking a picture with my camera. The yarn is my own hand dyed, hand spun silk and it is really soft and cosy to wear. I am pleased with the result.


  1. This is lovely and very unusual. I am sure it will look beautiful with your jumper.

  2. Hello Maggie,
    It was lovely to meet you on Saturday and see the scarf, the colours are lovely.