Monday, 23 March 2009

Personnalise your HB's

I have long marked my scissors when going to a workshop, so many have those recognisable yellow handles! and this leads to confusion. I usually make a cord and tassle with the leftover silk warp thread from my weaving - crafters never waste a thing!
Inspired by decorated pencils that I had bought for a school stationary shop, that I ran years ago,and having many pieces of decorative paper scraps, I decided to personnalise my HB pencils. I often print CD backing paper designs on A4 matte sticky labels (when I can get them cheaply)to save time when making cards , so some of them have been used to cover the pencils you see. They still sharpen well. If you have no sticky labels then use glue on your paper, but give it plenty of time to dry before attempting to sharpen.


  1. What a lovely idea to decorate your pencils like that - so pretty!

  2. What a wonderful idea - love your pencils!