Saturday, 7 March 2009

Elephants never forget

I'm not sure whether I've spoken about the special thing that happened to me last summer...I have been researching my family tree for some years now, slowly but surely, and for most of that time I have been looking for two of my cousins, sons of my Uncle who is now 96. There was a fair chance that they were no longer with us but I had to know. I hade met the two older boys who seemed to me very boisterous as a small child when my grandmother visited their home in Stockton. That is the area I had been searching, to no availe. Last summer before a research trip to my home town in Northumberland, I quizzed my uncle about his wife's family, parents, brothers and sisters and put the information on my family tree on Genes Reuinited, just a week before my holiday. Within a day I had a link and very soon addresses for one of the boys and his daughter. Unfortunately, John, the older brother had died. Anyway, I met my cousin now 71, who had moved to Newcastle, along with his family. They were pleased and surprised to know that my uncle was still alive and wanted to meet him. Our holiday was cut short so we could return three weeks later to reunite father and son. A very happy meeting because they all got along well and the reason for their estrangement wasn't a hinderance. We have kept in touch regularly ever since. But Oh!! to my horror I forgot my cousin's birthday yesterday, the first chance I have ever had to send him a card!
Above is the card I made for him this morning.

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