Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Graphicus March Challenge

I love yellow but it is one of the most difficult colours to work with or wear. It so dominates other colours when used in any quantity, but it reminds one of spring, growth and new beginnings - something to cheer us after the winter. I have used a Butterfly Bliss CD backing paper and two of my recent Cuttlebug purchases. Butterflies, flowers and the sight of wild creatures and birds in my garden certainly make me want to sing. I'm not sure that I have done justice to the colour or the challenge - to use yellow and the theme sing.I do seem lacking in inspiration at the moment but managed to use items I have already in my collection.


  1. I certainly think you've done the Challenge justice Maggie. I love the way you've combined the two CB folders too.

    Lovely, unusual card.


  2. Beautiful card Maggie, good luck in the challenge.

  3. I love your card and it really "sings". Am struggling this month

  4. Wow really pretty card Maggie, Im struggling too this month

    xx Sue

  5. This is great Maggie, I love your flowers. This is such a hard challenge.
    Sue xx

  6. This is a lovely card. The yellow and brown works beautifully together. Your flowers are gorgeous.


  7. How true working with the colour yellow! What a struggle I've had. BTW did you mask the yellow sun to get the effect? Or is it two different pieces of card? I can't tell from the picture, but it looks great.

  8. I think this is gorgeous and a great combination of both parts of the challenge. Thanks,